Your cheap flights are ready for departure.

It is with great excitement we can finally announce the public launch of our app, Secret Travel, on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store! We have been working tirelessly since our private beta to restructure and introduce new features to the app and we are finally ready to show the world the product of hundreds of hours, lots of coffee, and many late nights.

We’re proud to say it’s super simple to use. 

We’re proud to say it’s super simple to use. 

We'll get you to your destination for a lot less.

Our travel hacking experts track thousands of deals on the web and present the best ones to you in a simple, beautiful interface. Say goodbye to spending hours trying to find the perfect flight; leave the hard work to an app that will deliver the best deals in the palm of your hand.

Can’t find a deal right away? Follow destination channels and we’ll notify you when a deal comes up! 

Average airfare savings on the app: 40%.

That means you’ll spend less money on being cramped like a sardine in a tin-can and more time exploring secret destinations, diving into the unknown, and meeting friends, both old and new.

Remember our mantra: “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” So go forth and explore. We’re glad to have you aboard.

Welcome to a new world of travel.

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